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As a member of the Music Together community, you have access to the Family Music Zone. You’ll find lots of added ways to enjoy your Music Together experience. Download and stream songs to your mobile devices and access them anywhere. Extend classroom learning with extra activities for home. Learn more about your child’s music development from our experts. And watch fun videos featuring families like yours! 

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Parent Notes

Music Together have created three Parent Education Handouts - “Parent Notes”. Each handout focuses on a different parent education topic, and the content is pulled primarily from the printed parent guide, Music and Your Child: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers. 

Educanional Moments


A video from the Music Together Education Moments series, families will learn how children learn rhythm.


Learn more about your child's musical growth and what parents can do to nurture and support it. This brief video gives you some ideas for how to use your Music Together songbook at home.

Sing & Sign

Learn to Sing and Sign Music Together's "Russian Folk Song" with full subtitles!

How Music Together Aligns with other Programs

In addition to being a leader in the field of early childhood music education, our curriculum naturally supports the mission and goals of a variety of organizations serving at-risk children and families. Click the links below to read about how Music Together aligns with your program’s priorities.

Parent-child Relationships (PDF)
Supporting Brain Development (PDF)
Strengthening Families (PDF)
Military Families (PDF)
Early Head Start (PDF)
Music Learning Supports All Learning® (PDF)
Supporting Early Learning Curricula, Philosophies, and Standards (PDF)

Resources for Music-related Research

While we at Music Together know music is a powerful tool that supports many other types of learning and development, we also hold the conviction that music for its own sake has great value. Our primary goal is to help young children achieve basic tonal and rhythmic competence and open the door to a lifetime of joyful music participation. But there’s so much more. As part of our work in keeping up with current trends in the field of music and early education, our R&D staff stays abreast of a range of music-related research, such as:

Music and Brain Development
Music and Language Development
Music and Social-Emotional Development
Music and Cognitive Development
Music and Executive Functions
Music and Physical Development
Music and Approaches to Learning
Music and Health & Healing
Music and Parenting
Music and Special Needs
Benefits of Group Music Making
Music and Aging

Musical Notes

Watch this short, super-fun video that reminds us why we're all born music makers. Spread the word about the power of music with your friends and family by sharing this video on your social networks!